The   InterNet   Search   Zone
Has   Been   Removed

      “Do     You     Remember?”

After paying Tripod to keep banners off the Search Zone for more than two years, and after promoting the Search Zone on dozens and dozens of the most popular search tools, and after 17,300 pageviews, and numerous awards, and visitors from approximately 60 countries, Tripod (now owned by Lycos) arbitrarily decides to place banners on my site against my wishes.  Posted September 16, 2000.

You may visit (and bookmark) the new ad-free location of the
InterNet Search Zone
And you are invited to send any comment or complaint to:
Better yet, send a message to the company in the banner ad above.
 If you do, please send a copy to me at [ ]. Thank you.
This Notice was posted on Saturday, September 16, 2000.
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